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Simon A. Peth

I am a migration and development expert with over 10 years of research and project experience.

I am a co-author of the Migration for Adaptation Guidebook and research associate at the Trans|Re Project which is based at the University of Bonn. My current research examines the role of international migration on social resilience for translocal family networks.

I studied human geography, anthropology, and development economics at the University of Bonn. In 2009, during my studies, I joined a two-year research program on climate change and adaptation in Ethiopia. This joint research project of the German Society for Development Cooperation (GIZ) and the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center (HoA-REC) was aiming to understand the impacts of climate change on small-scale farmers in different agro-ecological zones. My experience in Ethiopia enhanced my interest on human-environment relations in general and the topic of climate change and adaptation in particular. In the course of my studies, I further focused on human mobility and migration, scrutinizing the complex nexus between the environment and human mobility. For my diploma thesis, I went to Bangladesh where I examined the topic of migration trajectories, labor migration, and the role of translocality for livelihood security in a changing and insecure environment. My PhD research lead me to South East Asia where I am based in Bangkok and Singapore.

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